Ageless Grace

Understanding the complexities of brain health and the methods by which those functions can be improved is the basis for the Civitas Memory Care Program. We believe that a holistic approach to slowing the progression of memory loss is key to the success of our mission. That’s why we’re partnering with Ageless Grace, a cutting-edge program specifically designed to improve cognitive functionality. Through a series of physical exercises based on natural and organic movements, neuroplasticity is improved, and cognitive retention is enhanced. Ageless Grace explores the ways in which we age—and addresses the whys of the process. It combines an intentional engagement of both the mind and body, which are inextricably connected.

The Ageless Grace program addresses the five major
functions of the brain:

Strategic Planning
Memory and Recall
Analytical Thinking
Creativity and Imagination
Kinesthetic Learning

Ageless Grace incorporates 21 exercise tools/routines into their brain health program. By summoning physical movements which respond to signaling sent by the brain, both body and mind functionality improve over time. These memory care tools address the following conditions, improving overall cognitive health and well-being:

Upper Body and Abdominal Strength
Cognitive Function
Kinesthetic Learning
Range of Motion
Spinal Flexion
Right-Left Brain Coordination

Eye-Hand Coordination
Breath Support
Fall Prevention
Sense of Humor
Bone Density
Oxygenation of Cells
Inner Ear Fluid Stimulation
Nervous System Stimulation
Skin and Connective Tissue Health

Spinal Health and Flexibility
Emotional Expression
Sense of Humor
Cardiovascular Conditioning
Neural Response
Headache Relief
Joint Stability

At Civitas Senior Living, we are dedicated to bringing you the best in resources, all of which contribute to the success of our program. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to partner with Ageless Grace in ensuring that our assisted living and memory care residents thrive.

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